Here in Idaho, we have had record-breaking snowfall and we have even had an unprecedented 7 snow days, where they have canceled school. It got me thinking about being safe as we workout in the winter & what kind of winter workout gear and clothes we need.

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6 Tips to stay safe and what winter workout gear you need

  1. If you are going to be working up a sweat outdoors you need to wear layers. Dress so that you are not hot when you go outside. As your body temperature rises you still want to be comfortable and not be sweating excessively. Otherwise, you are at risk of getting a chill as your sweat evaporates.

2. Wear appropriate footwear. Your summer running shoes are meant to breathe as they let air in and sweat out. Not really what you want in the winter. It is easier to get frostbite than you might think. Wear wool socks and switch to a winter shoe that is not covered in mesh or at the very least use traction cleats. If you are going to be out for an extended amount of time (several hours) consider heated insoles.

3. Protect yourself from the sun. Snow can actually reflect 90% of the sun’s UV rays back up at you. It does not have to be sunny to get a sunburn or be exposed to harmful UV rays. I recommend a sweat-resistant sunscreen. Make sure you also protect your eyes. Snow blindness is real, it is like getting a sunburn on your eye and can cause anything from watery eyes to loss of vision.

4. Stay hydrated. We might not think about drinking water as much during the winter because we are typically not hot and/or sweating as much. We are still losing fluids however and they need replacing. Make sure you are still drinking plenty of water.

5. Give your body adequate time to warm-up before you push yourself too hard. It takes our body longer in the winter to warm-up and if you push yourself too hard too fast you can injure yourself. Be aware that you need to take a few extra minutes to get your body ready for a hard workout.

6. Conversely, your body cools down faster so you will need to shorten your cool down period so you don’t get too cold. Staying outside too long after you have cooled down puts you at risk of getting a chill because of your sweat evaporating, see tip #1.

Now you know what winter workout gear you need how about some fun exercise to go with it!

  1. Go sledding! You don’t have to have kids to enjoy this great winter past time. Staying balanced on the sled uses your core and trecking back up the hill each time is great on your quads and great for burning calories.

2. Skiing/Snowboarding. These both use your entire body for balance & maintaining control. Especially your core, hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves!

3. Snowball fights! Running around is great exercise and throwing the snowballs is a great arm workout. It even works on your deltoids and pectorals.

4. Ice skating is great for working your inner and outer thighs!

5. Snowshoeing is great for you too. It provides a great cardio workout and it builds strength, agility, balance & endurance. You can vary your intensity fairly easily based on the terrain you pick. It can burn more calories than walking, running or cross-country skiing at the same pace.

6. Shoveling, less fun but definitely a workout, just make sure you are using your legs and not your back to move the snow.

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Using and wearing the correct winter workout gear is essential to keep you safe while you have fun in the cold. These are just some of the things you can do to stay active in the winter. I would love to know what you do during the cold months to keep you active and having fun.


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An image of several people walking up a snowy mountain, carrying snow shoes. Dressed in appropriate winter workout gear

An image of two mountain bikers going up a snowy mountain, dressed in appropriate winter workout gear




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