10-Day-Detox-Header-e1418856934978I have recently found out that it is weight loss awareness month. I can only assume that is because of the new year and a large amount of people having resolutions centered around health, fitness & weight loss.

I am a former yo-yo dieter.  I have tried just about every diet out there.  Anything I could do to loose weight and feel better about myself.  Some of them worked great and I did loose weight but it was always short lived, never lasting.

Until I decided not to loose weight but to get healthy.  That small mind shift made all of the difference to me.  Lets be honest though eating healthy can be confusing! There is so much misinformation out there on what is and isn’t healthy.

One week eggs are good for you, the next week they give you high cholesterol, then they go back to being healthy for you.  One week coffee is good for your metabolism, the next week it burns out your adrenals.

It is no wonder we get confused and frustrated with our health and what we should or shouldn’t be eating and why we try diet after diet, desperate to find something that will work for us.

I discovered that all of that back and forth up and down was not good for my body or my mind.  I felt like a failure every time the weight came back and I beat myself up good. I had all kinds of negative self talk, things that I would never think to say to a friend who was struggling.  We give our friends all the encouragement in the world.  “It’s okay, tomorrow is a new day.”  You’re doing great though, look at how much you have already lost.”  The positives for our friends go on and on.

If you want to have lasting results this year there are a few things I would advocate for you to do.  One, talk to yourself the way you would a friend. The negative self talk will crush you before food choices will any day, as far as I am concerned.

Second, educate yourself, not by listening to mainstream media, because trust me most of them don’t have it right… (if you want more information about that read my “Fed-up” post here).  I am fortunate enough to have a close friend who is a Certified Nutrition Coach and I am blessed to be partnered with her and other Wildly Vibrant Wellness Experts who have educated and helped me in so many ways!

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10-Day-Detox-Header-e1418856934978Wishing you an Educated, Fulfilled & Vibrant Life!