Did you know that some foods have natural components that make them stress relieving foods? Not only that but they can actually make a difference too. You would be surprised, there is even science to it. I know crazy huh?!

We deal with stress every day of our lives. It is not typically the major life event stress that harms us the most either.  It’s the little day to day stressors that constantly keep our bodies “amped up” or in the fight or flight mode that hurts us. One nice thing about it is if we are aware of our stress it can surprisingly make a positive difference. If stress has really gotten you down you might want to try some of these mindfulness exercises as well as some of these other natural stress relievers too.

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There are also lots of different foods that can help reduce stress. This is just a small list of a few to try and why they help. I chose these because they are some of my favorite foods and they are easy to incorporate into your diet.

5 Stress Relieving Foods

  1. Tuna fish – the unique blend of omega-3 fat acids & amino acids boosts the production of alpha brain waves, which has a calming effect often within 30 minutes of eating. Plus going into winter this is helpful because it cuts the risk of winter blues in half.

2. Hummus – reduces the production of stress hormones. It is packed with polyphenols which are compounds that heal our adrenal glands. To reduce edginess try this Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus.

3. Garlic – my favorite! The delicious aroma & flavor calms the frontal lobe, which is where out tension is governed. No wonder I love garlic so much 😉

4. Edamame (soybeans) – These contain an amino acid calls L-tyrosine which increase dopamine production. If you make edamame a staple in your diet it can help a lot with chronic stress. Try this Spicy Edamame.

5. Carrots – These take a little longer to be effective but are also good with chronic stress. They are high in magnesium, copper & potassium which helps with muscle tension. So great if you have aches & pains. Try The BEST Roasted Carrots!

BONUS – Especially if you are a tea drinker you might enjoy this Stress Relief Tea


What foods have you found that help you reduce your stress?


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