Positive Body Image and How to Accept Yourself

Positive Body Image and How to Accept Yourself

Do you have a positive body image?


Are you confident in your own skin?


Accepting yourself doesn’t come easy to everyone, I’d venture to guess it isn’t easy for most of us. We often think “If I can just lose weight,” “If I could just follow this diet,” “If I could just make it to the gym more,” “If I could just ______ fill in the blank” I’d be happy. “If I sacrifice now, I’ll be happy later.” We have so much negative self-talk it can be really hard to be happy with who we are and our bodies.

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What is wrong with being happy now?


Would you be friends with somebody who said all of the terrible things about you that you are saying about yourself? – NO!


Did you know that our feelings have a significant impact on our health?


When we feel bad about ourselves or have a negative body image we seek external comfort. For a lot of us, we get that comfort from food or another negative vise. Which is not very constructive in helping us feel better about ourselves.

If I love myself I have a strong desire to take care of myself — mind, body & soul. I don’t need to seek out other means of comforting myself because I have accepted myself & I have a positive self-image.


So, How can we work on our self and our body image?

  1. Make a list of all the positives about your body, your personality, talents, gifts, etc. If you can’t find a positive at the moment about your body image try listing the innumerable and wonderful things your body is capable of doing.

2. Start a body gratitude journal. Or if it isn’t your body use have an issue with what area is it? Write a gratitude journal about whatever it is you are battling with. I like something plain and simple like this journal.

3. Let yourself off the hook. If you stop striving and obsessing over having an overly thin body you will find happiness in other things. Which in turn leads to feeling more attractive and that naturally leads to a healthier you. ie. less stress, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, increased activity and overall self-esteem.

4. Listen to your body. Listen to the inner cues to eat when you are hungry, not bored or depressed. Practice self-acceptance instead of calorie counting. This takes some time and being more mindful. (more on that coming soon to the blog)

5. Don’t weigh yourself every day! Just stop doing it. The scale doesn’t measure your self-worth.

6. Stop trying to achieve an unrealistic weight that is too low. This will sabotage your happiness. We feel like failures when we can’t meet the impossible goals we have set for ourselves. Or if we do perchance meet them we are unable to maintain that weight because that lifestyle is too extreme or doesn’t really fit into how we want to live our lives long term.


As we begin to have a better body image, are confident in our bodies, and have a higher self-esteem I think you will be pleasantly surprised how natural it is to make healthier choices.

What is something you love about your body? Share in the comments below. (even if it is just your pinky toe 😉 )

I love how my body is able to produce food to nourish another human being.


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Tips on having a positive body image and how to accept ourselves


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  • I love, love, love this post. I hope many younger ladies read this. Be your own best friend and say all the nice things to yourself that you say to your friends. I know this is something I am still always working on. One thing I love about my body that I used to hate is my legs.

    I love how strong they are and how they help me ride my bike! I hope everyone posts something they love in the comments below.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for sharing Jessica! I love that you were able to turn something you felt negative about into a positive.

  • Tara says:

    I recently joined the gym after years of being a couch potato. It made me realize that had been spending all my time living in my head, and disconnected from my body entirely. Becoming active has brought me in touch with my body again. I’m loving it.
    Awesome post.

    • admin says:

      😀 That makes me happy to hear Tara, I am so glad you are reconnecting with your body. I have definitely been there and sometimes need the reminder to get out of my head too. Thank you.

  • Such an important message! I really struggled with this for years thanks to bullying that lasted throughout high school. It took such a long time to work through the insecurities and anger issues, but I when I finally emerged from the darkness I was finally able to accept all the quirky bits and pieces that make me, ME. 🙂

    • admin says:

      I’m glad you were able to find your way to self-acceptance. It is and can be a hard journey for many of us, myself included. Thank you for sharing a bit of your story.

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