I love personal training apps & trackers. They can really help you stay focused and are a great tool to help you achieve your weight loss plans.

Did you know that people who wear fitness trackers walk 16% more on average than those who don’t? According to a study done by Indiana University, that is the case. Kind of crazy huh? That is not the only benefit to training apps. They can be a great companion to help you with your weight loss and fitness goals.

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7 tips to help you get the most out of your personal training apps.


  1. Most apps let you set goals helping you not just measure your fitness activities but also keeps that target or goal at the forefront, like your very own personal cheerleader. Use this goal setting function. Try to earn all of the trophies or badges or whatever “reward” your app gives you as motivation.

2. Wear your fitness tracker for a whole week without changing your activity levels. This will give you a good baseline of where you are at now. Then increase your activity gradually each week (maybe by 10%) so you have mini weekly goals to help you get to your larger goal of 10,000 steps, or whatever your goal is. This will help you not feel so overwhelmed and “behind already.”

3. Set a calendar reminder or an alarm on your phone to check your progress halfway through the day. That way if you find your morning has not been as active as you’d hoped it would be you still have time to work on changes so you reach your goal by the end of the day.

4. If your app has the ability to monitor your heart rate, use it. Using it will help you know when you should push a little harder to reach your “sweet spot” for optimal fat burning. It will also let you know when you are pushing too hard so you can ease up a bit. You don’t want to hurt yourself.

5. Many personal training apps have a companion website or allow you to sync up with a different tracker so that you can also add things like a food journal. If not I would recommend doing a food journal on your own. I know that can be very tedious but people who use a food tracker lose twice as much as those who don’t, according to a study by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. It’s nice to use an app that can manage both the fitness side and the food side so you can really see how they work together. Unfortunately, as much as we might like it to be the case, we cannot out-exercise poor eating habits.

6. Don’t forget to use the sleep function on your trackers too. The sensors can detect when you wake in the middle of the night & for how long. Sleep patterns most definitely affect our overall health. This function can give you insight on if you’re getting enough sleep. If you need help in this area this post with 6 Tips To Get A Better Nights Sleep.

7. Let people know your weight loss plans, it will help. Most of the fitness apps let you post your progress & success on FaceBook or Twitter. If they don’t you certainly can take a screenshot and post it manually. If you feel more comfortable sharing with strangers find a FaceBook group that fits your needs. Strangers, in this kind of environment, are often so much more supportive and less negative than friends and family can be. Using this social aspect will help you stay focused and engaged which in the long run helps your success.

FREE personal training apps to help you with your weight loss plans:


  1. Lose It – tracks your food & exercise, has a social component, helps you set your goals and achieve them .. “We seamlessly connect you to the people, devices & food information you need to achieve your weight loss goals.”
  2. My Fitness Pal – more of food tracker.
  3. Sworkit – Workouts with demonstrations, customizable + it syncs with other apps like My Fitness Pal.
  4. Couch to 5K – Tailored for first-time runners.
  5. Zombies, Run – Super fun running app! The app gives you missions to complete through headphones to beat the zombie epidemic + from time to time you can hear the zombies chasing you, you’ll have to speed up so they don’t catch you!

These are just a few of the great apps to help you with your weight loss plans & goals. I’m sure you can find even more with a quick google search. If there is a certain type of exercise you like, search for it. For example, I like Tabata training. I could search “Tabata fitness app.”

These apps and trackers are great starting tools to help you track your fitness goals, keep you motivated and reach & maintain your healthy habits.

If you are not into electronic apps you can download my Free Fitness Challenge Tracker it has two spreadsheets, one with some pre-filled exercises and a blank form so that you can add your own exercises. Or buy a fitness tracker like this logbook.

Let me know what your goals are or if you have a question about apps & trackers below!


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