There are all kinds of views on buying organic. Ranging from the naysayers and eye-rollers to the super passionate who only buy organic food and then there is everyone in-between. I fall somewhere in the middle. I see the importance and value in organic, I also see the price tag. If you have a limited budget you might feel like buying organic is too difficult.   Let’s be honest sometimes buying organic can be very expensive but not always!

Organic-On-a-BudgetBefore we start let me say, I am a firm believer in some is better than none. There are some things that I feel are more important to buy organic than others. If you would like to start buying organic but don’t know where to start so that you get the most value for your dollar let me help you know where to begin.


In my personal opinion, the one thing I think is most worth buying organic is your protein. Grass fed, hormone free, cage free, etc.  all of those little extra distinctions are well worth the price. 

Not only because of the humane treatment of the animals and the health benefits to us but because of the taste.  It is amazing the difference in the taste and texture of the meat and eggs! Once you try it you will not want to go back.

budget-tip-150x150Bulk or Farm to Table

Look for local farms that sell directly to the consumer.  Buying in bulk can be cheaper than buying in the grocery store.

You might have to clean some of the fat and stuff that the butcher normally does but it is well worth it. You won’t have to worry about the store padding the weight by injecting water or adding food dye so that the meat “looks” more fresh and plump. You don’t have to worry about pink slime in your ground meat. I am telling you if you can only choose one thing this is the one I would do!


If you can go further, or if you would prefer to start with produce, you should start with the produce that you eat just as it comes (berries, grapes, celery, greens like lettuce and cabbage, etc.). Because whatever has been sprayed directly on the fruit is going into your mouth.

If it is produce that has a skin on it that you are going to peel off and not eat you could wait to purchase it organic and it wouldn’t be as bad as the produce that you eat with the skin on.  This produce would be things like bananas, oranges, melons, avocado, etc.

Some people are hesitant to buy organic because the food looks dull or not as attractive but did you know that those bright shinny apples that look perfect have been sprayed with wax to look shiny?

If you are looking for fresh produce it is cheaper to buy your produce based on what is in season. If you can find a local farm or farmers market or a produce stand that has organic produce it will typically be cheaper than your local grocery store also. I would recommend shopping around to price things out until you can find which place has the best deal on which produce you are interested in.

If you want produce that is not in season you might want to think about frozen or canned.  Both have their place and usually provide the same nutrients at a much better price.

Hopefully, that helps you clarify some of your misgivings. If you have any specific questions, though, please leave a comment and I will do my best to get your questions answered. And remember Healthy is Sexy!!


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