Wildly Nourished


You Spoke. We listened.


Who are we?

A collaboration of yoga teachers, holistic health coaches, nutritionists, friends, sisters, lovers, mothers, wives. (And a whole lot more we can’t fit on one page.)


Why are we here?

  • To offer a helping hand, a guiding light, a port in the storm – for you to curate your ideal life.
  • Today’s modern world, for women especially, is just plain hectic.
  • It creates mania, anxiety; we are never enough – not for our families, nor our bosses, nor our friends.
  • We are always running behind, I’ll catch up next week, I will take care of that tomorrow; we always feel slightly fed-up, slightly overwhelmed, always running for someone else – but guess who is always just plain left behind in the dust?

You, girl.  This is the only life you’ve got.


Each day should not be simply a day in the rat race.

It should be a day of gratefulness. Of I feel alive in every single cell of my body. Of deep breaths. Of laughter. Of an empowered I GOT THIS. Of joyful self-confidence. Of being part of a tribe who understands you, supports you and wants you to be your best because they genuinely love you. Of feeling deeply nourished inside and out. You deserve to feel alive. To thrive. To be among kindred spirits.

We created Wildly Vibrant Living because we wanted to create a community of kindred spirits who are wildly nourished and who will take this world by storm.

A safe place where we take care of our own not knock each other down; a haven for us mavens.


The Wildly Nourished Program is just the beginning.

We have poured our souls into this – because we believe in it, we believe in YOU, we believe in the beautifulness of community of the women in this world.

We believe in the power of these simple affirmations and action items each day – they can make huge changes.

You will be a trailblazer. But you will not be alone.


This is a celebration of life.  Of being female.  Of reconnecting with our souls and bodies.

Each and every one of you is a seed in the soil. Let us help provide you with nourishment. You can and will be the blossoming and beautiful flower you were meant to be.

Are you ready to become the
wildly vibrant woman you were destined to be?


WN-Weekly Pillars jessica wyman


WN12 - column header jessica wyman

The 12-Week Program is where we dig deep.

We are a sisterhood and we all deserve to thrive.

Jessica Wyman Wildly Nourished 12 week program

Program launch is set for September, 2014!


What you get:

♥ Soul Nourishing Sisterhood via a private online forum for current participants and alumni so you can learn, connect, grow and gain inspiration from me and your new like-minded friends.
♥ 12-weeks of Nourished Bites. Weekly emails full of love, information, recipes and affirmations delivered straight to your email inbox each morning. There will be beautiful downloadable handouts ($2,100 retail value if we did this in one-on-one coaching.)
♥ Monthly Wildly Nourished Care Package straight to your DOORSTEP. Each package includes a full month’s supply of:

→  AM & PM multivitamin + supplement to nourish your body from the inside out. We’re all for vibrant bodies! It’s pharmaceutical-grade (which is an even higher standard than organic), scientifically tested for safety of upper-limit dosages, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. They’re also rated #1 in North America by 3rd party studies, tested by Consumer Labs + A complete, super-charged multivitamin to fill in the gaps of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you might be deficient in or lacking. We carefully chose a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support long-term health and well-being. This exclusive formula is among the most powerful and complete vitamin and antioxidant formulas available on the market. {$52 retail value}
→  A double distilled, mercury-free fish oil/omega-3 supplement for cardiovascular health, shiny hair, pretty skin and strong nails. (Be sure to contact me if you are vegan for other options) {$24 retail value}
→  Pharmaceutical-grade, milk-free probiotic supplement to support your digestive health. {$30 retail value.}

From the beginning, we said we are creating a movement.


Say YES and get ready to become the Wildly Vibrant woman you were destined to be!


Only $94 USD a month (plus tax and shipping in your area). $2,206 retail value for 3 payments of $94?! Now that’s a steal!