It’s that time of year again. New Year goals are upon us. I’m not a New Year resolutions kind of person typically. Mostly because I work on goals all year long so very seldom do I have a ‘new years’ specific goal.

However, I don’t think New Year goals are a bad thing at all! In fact, I think they are great and with the right tools can be just what you need.

I’d like to share with you some tips I use personally that will help you with any goals to set for yourself.

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Achieving Success in New Year Goals

  1. Pick goals that are achievable. Having a goal to lose 50 lbs in one month might be a little unrealistic. However, 5 lbs in a month is completely doable.

2. Break your new year goals into smaller goals. Let’s say you have a goal to lose 50 lbs in the year (not a month 😉 ). Thinking about losing 50 lbs is a really big goal and can be very overwhelming! It is much easier to set small goals that lead up to the big goal. Just focus on the first 5 – 10 lbs at a time. Your success with the smaller goal will build your confidence and resolve.

3. Work on your goals daily. This is an important one to me. When you are consistently working on a goal we will naturally develop habits or daily routines that help us. It breaks our goals down even further. Let’s choose a different goal for this example. If you want to increase the hours of sleep you get each night you can’t just choose 2 or 3 nights to work on getting more sleep and call it good. You have to consistently, go to bed at an earlier time … every day.

4. Be specific about your goals. Having a goal to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get healthy’ are not very effective. It gives you no starting point or ending really. I use SMART goals. You can read more about them below.

5. Track your goals. This might seem tedious but this can be a crucial step that is often overlooked. Seeing your progress in numbers or black and white can be highly inspiring. You can use a tracker like this one or just a notebook or spreadsheet on your computer. We often forget how far we’ve come. We only see where we are currently struggling. I recommend scheduling a time each week to track and review your goals and progress.

I might recommend one more thing in regards to New Year goals.

Keep your goal list short. If you are trying to work on too many things at once it is too overwhelming and you can’t give each goal the attention it needs and deserves. Don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success!

Hopefully, these tips will help you be more successful with your new year goals or any goals you set for yourself really.

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You may or may not have heard of SMART goals before so I thought I’d briefly share what they are. They can help you with your new year goals or any goals you make throughout the year.

S is for specific. Set a very specific goal to your workouts. Instead of saying I want to be healthier be more specific and say how you are going to be healthier. For example, I am going to be healthier by not eating out for lunch every day.

M is for measurable. How will you measure your progress? I think taking body measurements is way more effective than weighing yourself on the scale. Maybe you will measure by how many steps you can take in a day or improve your run time by x minutes, etc.

A is for achievable. It needs to be challenging but still within your ability to achieve. Maybe running a mile in 10 minutes isn’t doable for you right now so start by running it in 20 minutes and work your way up.

R is for relevant. Make sure your goals fit in with your objective. If you don’t care about running a 10-minute mile you just want to fit into a size 10 pair of jeans maybe running a 10-minute mile isn’t the best goal for you.

T is for time-bound. Set a target date for your goal. For example: By January 31st I will be able to walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath.

I want this year to be the year for you. Have big dreams. Be successful! I know you can do it. All it takes is a little planning and some follow through.


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Are you setting or writing New Year goals or resolutions for your health or weight loss? You need these simple ideas and activities to keep you on track.

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