Losing weight is hard work and we can all use a little extra help. These motivational tools for weight loss help me when I am feeling depressed and not so much into it so I wanted to share them with you.

You would think the threat of poor health or weight gain would be enough to motivate us to get moving or to eat better right? Wrong (unfortunately). Often even knowing the consequences that exist aren’t enough to push us forward.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take in order to give yourself a boost. They will help keep you on track and more importantly keep you motivated to keep going.

Motivation is key, particularly on those days when you’re craving high-calorie food or don’t want to head outside to exercise. Adding even a few of these to your bag of tricks may help you overcome that slump when you need a motivational jumpstart. Helping you reach your weight loss goals.

Motivational Tools for Weight Loss

Look Ahead

One way to convince your brain that an activity is worth starting is to look ahead to the end result.

Think about how you’ll feel. The satisfaction you’ll get when you have the energy to do fun things with your family and friends, things you normally wouldn’t have been able to do. The positive feelings you will have for yourself. The fact that you got dinner on the table every day for a week, etc.

No matter what your goal is, visualize the result of your efforts. This alone can improve your focus and motivation.

If you are a visual person you could certainly consider something like a vision board or just a photograph. If you want to know more about vision boards, this post is a great resource.

Get Moving

It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering. Take a 5-minute walk around the neighborhood. Getting your body moving has been shown to increase mental clarity and decrease stress. It will help you gain focus and can give you the desire to do just a little bit more.

This motivational tool for weight loss and the next one seem to work the best for me when I am trying to get motivated to lose weight when depressed.

Once you start walking for 5 minutes you might realize this is nothing, I can go another 5, no big deal. I want you to read this article about 10 different ways to sneak in just 10 minutes of activity in a day.

Listen to Music

Upbeat tunes might be a solution that leads you to start tapping your toes and feeling more alert. Giving you the needed energy to get up and dance while you cook.

Upbeat music can actually do amazing things not only for motivation but energy and desire to get things done. I always seem to get more done & get it done quicker if  I’ve got some upbeat music playing in the background.

If you are struggling with how to get motivated to lose weight when depressed. I would start here. I know when we are depressed and down we gravitate towards depressing music but try putting on an upbeat playlist. You’ll be pleasantly surprised the difference it can have on your mindset and attitude.

Start Small/Do the Easy Stuff First

Don’t think about the mountain of things that need to be done. Focus on the one thing right in front of you. Focus on making this be a good choice or forward motion. Especially if you are stalled because you’re feeling overwhelmed.

I can’t tell you what to start with because what is easy for me might be hard for you or vice versa.

Once you’ve started in some way, whether that is making sure you have fruit and veggies in the house or you’ve prepped a big pot of oatmeal to eat for the week, continuing on will be a more likely prospect.

If you think too broad it is SO easy to get overwhelmed and shut down. At least for me, it is and I stop before I even start. You don’t want that. Just focus on the small things that you can control right this instant. Having small wins can put you in the right mindset to keep going. Getting started truly is half the battle.

Be Gentle with Yourself

Give yourself words of encouragement for the small achievements, just like you would do to a friend. In order to foster motivation, you absolutely must show yourself this same level of compassion. Reward or praise yourself for even small accomplishments.

Along the same vein, be sure not to chastise yourself for your perceived faults. Instead, focus on what you were able to get done or remind yourself that you are currently facing some tough obstacles and you’re doing your best. Negative self-talk is self-sabotage and kills motivation.


A Support Group

Last but not least in my bag of motivational tools …. let’s talk about support from others. Surround yourself with people that support and encourage your journey to a healthier you. Ask them to hold you accountable and cheer you on.

This support group can happen locally with loved ones and friends, but it can also be an online group. It is even more powerful when you can find others who are like minded. Have the same goals and aspirations as you. You can cheer each other on and help each other along on the journey.


Incorporating these steps into your daily routine can significantly increase your motivation, despite anxiety or depression. Your mental health issues can be a challenge, but they don’t need to be the end of your dreams.


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