It is a well-known fact that exercising increases your endorphins which in turn helps you feel better when you are down. The problem is when you are in a low place it is really hard to feel motivated to do anything, especially something that requires effort 😉 .

I am personally struggling with being motivated to move. I have been trying to ask myself “What would inspire me to be more active?” or “What are the advantages for me?” If you read my story here, in a previous post, you will know that I was originally inspired to get active and healthy so that I would have the energy and ability to keep up with my kids & to be there for them. I’m thankful that I haven’t gotten so out of hand that that is an issue again for me so thinking of something important enough for me to get my bum moving has taken some real thought.

I want to:

  • feel good in my clothes
  • regain confidence in myself
  • be a good example to my children

For me, that is enough to spark a desire to move more.

If you are struggling with finding your motivation I would encourage you to ask yourself the same questions I did.  What provokes you to move?

What motivates, inspires or provokes you to move?

  • Is it a special dress or occasion you need to get ready for?
  • Is it the energy of your best friend?
  • Is it how you feel about yourself?

If you feel incentivised by being with others maybe think of joining a group, enlisting a friend, or getting a trainer for the social and accountability factors that will bring you the passion you need.  I have recently stumbled upon a great resource at where you can find and join or create your own groups with like minded people.  It is amazing and I would highly recommend it!  You can find my group here and would love to connect with you!

I would also suggest you give a good long thought on the things you enjoy doing that involve movement and turn those fun things into exercise.

If you aren’t sure what you like to do I would try something like a community education class, click here for the Boise area.  If you are not local this is something that our local school district puts together and it is possible your area does as well.  Just try searching your cities name + community ed.  I love the community ed classes because you can try lots of different things with minimal expense involved.  You can also look for fitness classes on, which is where it all began for me.

For heaven sakes though if you know you don’t like to do an activity like running or going on bike rides DONT do those activities as your form of exercise! You will always find a reason not to do them because you don’t enjoy doing it.  The most important part of all of this is to find something you enjoy doing so you are more likely to continue doing it.

Summer Price - Aristotle

I want you to keep in mind that when we are making changes in our lives it is important not to focus or reprimand yourself for old behaviors.  We need to look ahead and praise ourselves for our new habits or for the things we are trying.

That is something else that I find helpful while working out is encouraging myself or having others on the sidelines giving you encouragement.  My trainer always yells things like “You got this”, “You are strong”, “You are fresh, you are fresh, ” etc.  It might seem corny but if you are on your own while you are working out I would encourage you to say similar things to do yourself, either out loud or silently.

I understand that even with all of that sometimes finding that motivation is hard.  If you need a friend to help inspire or encourage you please know that I would love to be there for you. Maybe you just need to talk and figure out what it is that motivates you or to get more ideas.  Please contact me here.

With Love,

Summer Price