Last week I was invited to tour the brand new Deseret Industries (DI) store before their doors open to the public this Thursday, the 15th. Located at 1370 Caldwell Blvd. Nampa, ID 83651.

First, let me say I was so impressed with the quality and variety of items available to purchase!

Second, I’d like to share some things I learned about Deseret Industries while I was there. Things, even as a member, I hadn’t realized before. The DI is way more than a thrift store! They have so many programs and resources to help those in need. What really resonated with me is that they train people to change their lives. I am all about training people and helping people not to just get by but to change their lives!

With the money that they get from the sales in their stores on the west coast, they change lives all over the country.

They help everyday people who are struggling to get by because of different circumstances in their lives. The DI uses the funds they earn, through sales, to offer job-specific training to help those in need not just to find a job but to find a fulfilling career. For example, if you have a desire to be a welder they will pay to get you the education you need in order to become a welder. They also have business partnerships where they will find a business who needs a welder who is willing to partner with the DI. They will approach the business to see if they are willing to have this associate work with them, learn, train, and get work experience with them while the DI pays their salary.

The DI also helps with other needed skills like job search skills, interviewing, resume writing and other work skills to help people be successful. To help them find a better life for themselves. They help find mentors for the associates to work with and learn from as well. The program is very individualized to help each person overcome the specific obstacles that might be holding them back.

In order for the DI to change lives and help with this kind of training, they need donations. Next time you have clothes, household items, furniture, anything really that you are considering donating to a thrift store I would highly urge you to take your donation to the nearest DI.

They accept anything and everything. Even things you would think would be garbage like mismatched shoes. Things that they cannot sell or are unable to sell they send to help their humanitarian efforts. There are many needs around the world for example for those who only have one leg. They don’t need two pairs of shoes. The DI would rather you bring items to them that you think might be unsellable then throw them away. Let them be the judge of what can and can’t be of benefit to those in need.

You can help not only by donating items but by shopping at your local Deseret Industries Thrift Store. Here in the valley we have the new one opening in Nampa, address above, and we also have one in Boise, located at 10740 Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 83713. Not in the Treasure Valley, you can go to to find stores in your area. You can also go to the same website to find more information on the services they provide.

For those of you local don’t forget to check out the Nampa Grand Opening Oct. 15th – 17th with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30 on the 15th. Apparently there will also be music and prizes so you don’t want to miss out!!

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