Summer is coming to an end and school is starting. Which means it is time to get back to a routine. Part of that routine, in many households, is packing school lunches. I want to share some kid friendly school lunch ideas. Hopefully, they’ll make the cut with your kids :D.

Honestly, I’m a little sad that it is back to school time and I don’t want to talk about “easy cold school lunch ideas.” I really enjoy having my kids home and spending time with them. Plus, it was nice to take a little break from working myself too, I’m not gonna lie :D.

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Packing up some healthy and easy back to school lunches really is a great option when your child isn’t too fond of what the school has to offer or maybe you aren’t a huge fan of what the school has to offer…. this way you have a little more control over what your child is eating.

Even during the summer, my kids get tired of eating a sandwich every day for lunch. While sandwiches certainly make an easy cold school lunch they are not your only option. Mix it up by fixing something a little different but still easy and convenient! We really enjoy making wraps around here and I have several ideas, options & possibilities to share with you.

5 Kid Friendly School Lunch Ideas

If you want to make your child a lunch that is yummy, but not another boring sandwich, a wrap is a great alternative. You can still do your go-to sandwich toppings like ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. Or you can switch up the sandwich filling itself. I have some suggestions below. Here are some kid-friendly wraps to consider making.

Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Banana Wrap

This is a wrap that isn’t too different from your kids’ favorite PB&J but can be a great way to mix it up. Use any type of tortilla you like, regular flour tortilla, sprouted whole grain or low-carb versions are great. Spread peanut butter on the inside, add some homemade jelly, *Simply Fruit Jelly (High-Fructose Corn Syrup free) or honey. Add some sliced banana. Roll it up and eat it like a burrito or roll it like sushi and cut it up into bite size pieces.

*I have a link to the Simply Fruit Jelly so you can see what it is. It is so much cheaper at the grocery store, I wouldn’t recommend you buy it from Amazon.

Put Leftovers in a Tortilla

You can make what is sometimes called a ‘trash burrito’ or ‘trash wrap.’ Basically, you just use leftovers in the fridge and put them into a tortilla. The leftovers you’ve accumulated over the last few days and wrap them in a tortilla. Like some shredded chicken, a mixture of salad greens, a carrot, brown rice or quinoa, black beans, etc. You can shred the carrot, tear the lettuce into smaller pieces, then add all of the ingredients inside a tortilla and put it in your kids’ lunches. These are one of our favorites … very tasty!

Make a Chef’s Salad Wrap

A wrap can also contain ingredients that would have gone in a salad, but you put in a tortilla instead. Kids might not be excited to eat a salad at lunch but if it’s in a tortilla it’s completely different. It can be more convenient to put the ingredients of a salad inside a tortilla as a wrap. For example, for a chef’s salad wrap, you might include lettuce, tomato, cheese, different luncheon meats, and pieces of hardboiled egg. Pack some ranch into a small, airtight container, like one of these midgets to dip the wrap in. So your child doesn’t end up with ranch all over their lunch box (ask me how I know about that 😉 ).

Egg Avocado Wrap

Also, consider putting together a breakfast-style wrap with a spinach tortilla and breakfast items inside. Try scrambled eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced avocado, maybe some ham and salsa. This is really nutritious, fun to eat, and very delicious.

Broccoli Cheese Sandwich Pocket or “Hot Pocket”

Another great wrap to make is one that is similar to a Hot Pocket. It’s homemade and doesn’t contain all those preservatives though. This pocket sandwich can be made with any leftover meat like chicken, ham, ground meat, etc., some chopped broccoli, and cheese. You want to fill a flour tortilla with the ingredients, fold up the burrito, then bake it until it is crisp. For the specific recipe, I use, read this post on How To Make Healthy Homemade Hot Pockets.

Find the Right Balance

When you are putting your back to school lunches together it’s important to focus on balance. Instead of having all protein or all carbohydrates, you want a good balance between protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fiber. This allows you to get a well-balanced lunch that is nutritious, tasty and filling all at the same time.

Add some fresh fruits and veggies in addition to any of these wraps and you have a nice, well rounded, balanced lunch that is kid friendly, healthy & easy. You can’t beat that.


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