Ugh … How to stop eating when I’m not hungry is the ultimate question, right?!? I know I have asked it tons of times in my life.

Really there are many factors that contribute to overeating. I want to give you some ideas on why you might be overeating and how to stop eating when you’re not hungry.

Three main reasons stand out to me or are at least reoccurring in my life and I have noticed a direct correlation between them and why I overeat.

Why do I overeat & how to stop eating when I’m not hungry?


Your Not Getting Enough Sleep

I know this one seems a little weird. “Why would sleep have anything to do with why I overeat?”

It all comes down to those pesky hormones.

The hormone that triggers hunger, ghrelin, increases and the hormone that triggers satiety or fullness, leptin, decreases when you are sleep deprived.

I know it can be challenging to get 7-9 hours of sleep on a consistent basis. Especially if you suffer from insomnia like I do. I want you to try some of these 6 tips on how to sleep better.

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You’re not eating enough fat

First thing I want to get out there is my 3rd diet myth … fat does not make you fat. You do want to do your best to avoid trans-fats and focus on healthier fats found in avocados, salmon, olive oil, nuts, seeds, etc. though.

Eating healthy fats helps stop those cravings for junk food & has helped me while I work on overcome my sugar addiction. Eating healthy fats helps us not feel deprived In a large part due to the taste it imparts in our foods. Plus most fat-free foods are not rich in nutrients so they do little to curb our appetite or our cravings.

You’re relying on willpower

Have you ever wondered maybe “why do I overeat more at night?” This could be a big part. Willpower is just a muscle and like every other muscle if you tire it out it loses strength. Leaving you too tired to resist by the end of a long, stressful, sleep deprived day.

Instead, don’t ban foods or say I can’t have that. Say I’m not going to have that today. Which suggests you can and you will choose to have it at some later date. So you no longer feel deprived.

If you are still struggling take 5 minutes to be mindful, sit in solitude for 5 minutes, enjoy some quiet time to reflect and pray for strength and guidance. Have a small sweet treat like fruit to help stabilize your blood sugar and carry on.

Now you have your wits about you to make a quick healthy dinner vs. ordering pizza and getting so hungry in the hour it takes to be delivered that you eat the entire pizza. I know that might be a slight exaggeration, but sometimes I sure feel like I could eat a whole pizza in one sitting. 😉

Those are my three main reasons why I overeat and how to stop eating when you’re not hungry.


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