Since summer is here lots of us are planning vacations and travel. Eating healthy while traveling doesn’t have to be excruciating or impossible to do. Here are a few of my planning tips on how to stay healthy.

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

You don’t have to eat all of your meals out

Most every hotel now has a mini-fridge in your room. Go to a grocery store as soon as you arrive at your destination. Stock up on some healthy options for breakfast at minimum + some fruits, vegetables and yogurt for snacks. Or pack your own high-quality protein shake mix (I like USANA’s) for breakfast each morning and pack your own snacks.

Try not to eat at buffets

However, if you do end up at a buffet fill your plate with fruits and vegetables first and then just get small tastes of lean meats and a few other splurges.

Stay hydrated

Traveling can leave your body dehydrated so try to drink lots of water throughout the day but also with your meals instead of high calorie/high sugar drinks. I would recommend getting a durable water bottle like this Swig Savvy Bottle so you always have water with you.

Know how to splurge

If you decide to splurge on a meal try splitting the meal with your family or a travel partner. Most restaurants have no problem with splitting a meal or a dessert.

Find “alternative” treats

Treat yourself in ways that don’t include food. For example, do something to pamper yourself or do something rejuvenating instead, like a massage or pedicure.

Have a plan

You can also make a deal with yourself. If you exercise in your hotel room or the hotel gym give yourself an extra $10 to spend on a souvenir you wouldn’t normally splurge on.

Know how to travel

Try sightseeing on foot instead of driving or walk from store to store as you shop instead.

Stay active

Lots of hotels have pools. Take a dip in the evening and swim a few laps to unwind from a busy day.

Set goals

Make a goal to eat so many servings of greens each day or a goal to only have one non-healthy item a day. Something that allows you to still enjoy and splurge but also gets healthy, nourishing foods in you too.


Changes in our surroundings don’t have to derail our healthy routines. If you have a plan and clear expectations you don’t have to gain 5 lbs. just because you went on vacation.


What are your favorite travel tips on how to stay healthy? Did I miss any good ones? Let me know in the comments below.


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