Sometimes it’s hard to know how to improve health with small changes. I think that is just because we overthink it. It can be challenging to not want to make major changes because we think that is the only way we will see any difference.

Really though if we focus on the small stuff and make little tweaks in our diet and lifestyle it starts to add up quickly. I am a firm believer in you do NOT have to overhaul your entire life overnight and wake up and be 100% successful to see a difference.

I want you to focus on something you CAN do today. Feel good about yourself and that one thing. Then when you add another thing it will be so much easier and you will continue to feel better and good about yourself. Turning into a snowball effect where it just keeps building on itself.

How to Improve Health

  1. Start where you are. Take one step forward & give yourself grace. When you are ready, take another step … one step at a time.

2. Have faith in yourself. You have to believe that the steps you are taking will lead to bigger changes in the future. That this step forward is a positive step. Which it is. One step forward is one step further away from your past and yesterday’s choices.

3. Make one change in your activity level. It doesn’t have to be huge either. Instead of watching your kids play on the playground equipment join them. Go up and down the steps and down the slides with them. You just had fun playing with your kids and were active at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you did it once or 20 times. One step is better than no steps. If you want more ideas check out this article on how to sneak in 10 minutes of exercise.

4. Make one change in your food. Make a choice on one thing you can change maybe instead of buying sour cream for your tacos or baked potatoes or whatever you use sour cream for,┬ásubstitute in plain Greek yogurt. Maybe you are a mayonnaise lover (raised hand here) I have found that I like replacing mayo on a sandwich with avocado instead. I still get a creamy fat that adds moisture and a good flavor profile too. Maybe it is more of a habit you want to build so commit to having a healthy breakfast for 21 days. Once you have that as a habit have a healthy lunch for 21 days, etc. It won’t take long for that one choice to become a habit and then you can add another small change


And that is how to improve health with small changes.


They slowly build on each other and before you know it you are making healthier choices 25% of the time, 50% of the time 80% of the time and it all happened relatively painlessly because you did it slowly and without really noticing a huge hardship.

Not to mention the kids (and husband) barely noticed … maybe only a few of the changes did they really notice … and that reduced A LOT of the grief and whining they would have given you had you woken up and decided you were going to be a 100% different person today and you were going to be a perfect version of that person every day going forward.

1. Totally unrealistic! I don’t understand why we do that to ourselves and then beat ourselves up when we can’t be a new person overnight and be perfect at being that person we don’t know anything about.

2. Talk about a lot of pressure you’re putting on yourself unnecessarily.

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Do you want to be the tortoise or the hare?

I choose the tortoise. I might not lose 10 lbs in a week but I will learn how to be a healthier version of myself and a happier version in the long run because I will lose that 10 lbs and then I will lose another 10 lbs and so on; instead of losing 10 lbs, gaining 10 lbs, losing 10 lbs, etc. in a cycle.

I know that small changes can make a big difference and it is how to improve health in the long run. And I know you can make one small change today that will affect your health in a positive way. I know you can do this!

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