My son’s preschool gave out a pamphlet titled “Making Meals Matter” which I thought was wonderful!  The first thing they address is how to raise a healthy eater.  They asked some very important questions and pointed out some great tips on how to help your kids learn healthy eating habits.  I thought I just had to share that here.


Summer Price Am I Raising a Healthy Eater


If you are doing any of these ‘sometimes’ or ‘often’ I think that is amazing, you are on the right track just keep it up!  Your action item with this is to look at the ones that you checked ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’ and think of some changes you can make to increase the ‘sometimes’ to ‘often’ and the ‘rarely’ to at the very least ‘sometimes.’  If you want to make changes and don’t quite now how or can’t think of some options contact me here.  I would love to give you some guidance!


Shopping and preparing food together as a family is a HUGE one!  If you let your child help plan the menu or pick the vegetables to eat they are so much more likely to eat that food.  Plus if we want them to eat healthy as adults we need to teach them how to prepare food healthily (because even vegetables can be unhealthy, depending on how they are cooked).


Here are some tips and questions right off the bat that might help


  1. Make time for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day (they are all important!)
  2. Eat with your child/ren as often as possible.
  3. Offer everyone the same foods to choose from (your job is to provide them with healthy choices, their job is to choose which of the foods they will eat).
  4. It is okay if your child does not eat some of the foods you offer.
  5. How can I make healthier milk, yogurt and cheese choices? (ex. serve milk in a smaller cup or try nut milks or coconut milk)
  6. How can I make healthier vegetable choices? (ex. try new ways to cook: steamed, roasted, raw, etc.)
  7. How can I make healthier fruit choices? (ex. serve whole fruit instead of fruit juice)
  8. How can I make healthier grain choices? (ex. try new grains like quinoa, barley or farro)
  9. How can I make healthier protein choices? (ex. serve protein at every meal, not just at dinner + remember protein doesn’t have to be animal based)


What small changes can you make each day?  Please share some of your ideas in the comments below!


Cheers to you and raising a healthy family!




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