There are so many healthy ways to use canned pumpkin. Fall and pumpkin seem to go hand in hand, so it comes as no surprise that we want so much of it during this season.

Not only is pumpkin delicious and extremely versatile, especially with baked goods, but it is also good for you. Actually, it is often considered a superfood.

The main reason pumpkin is considered a superfood is because of its high amount of nutrients. A cup of pumpkin is loaded with fiber and contains vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, B-6 folate, potassium, niacin, thiamin, phosphorus, riboflavin, potassium & copper.

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Pumpkin not only has a lot of vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy, but it is low in macros. Macros, or macronutrients, are typically what you track when you are following a diet. For example, your macros include calories, fat & carbohydrates. They are on the lower side in pumpkin, with just 50 calories in a cup of pumpkin and less than 1 gram of fat. There is no cholesterol and only 12 grams of carbs, which is low compared to many other fruits

When you are looking for a healthy way to put together meals or deserts in the fall, you might think about pumpkin. While you can definitely roast a pumpkin and make your own puree, it isn’t always necessary.

There is nothing wrong with using canned pumpkin as a convenience option.

Below are just a few healthy canned pumpkin recipes to try.

Healthy Ways to Use Canned Pumpkin

Make Your Own Yogurt Bowl

Smoothie bowls have been extremely popular lately, but you can go in another direction by simply having a yogurt bowl. It is very similar to a smoothie bowl, though often contains fewer ingredients and is creamier.

Start with your favorite type of yogurt or Greek yogurt, and add in some pumpkin puree. Choose any fruits and nuts you want in the bowl, add all the ingredients to the blender, and grind it up. Pour it into a bowl and top it how you like.


Blend Up a Smoothie/Shake

Another super easy way to use canned pumpkin for a healthier meal is to make a smoothie. Which is very similar to a yogurt bowl, you just add liquid so it is more of a drinkable consistency. There are a lot of recipes out there, but the main basis of a smoothie like this is using canned pumpkin, yogurt, and milk or nut milk.

You can then decide on the other ingredients, like blending up fruit, nuts and seeds, or even adding pumpkin spices to your smoothie. Get creative and try some different combinations until you are happy with the results. I often make this Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake


Make Pumpkin Butter

Why not try a little pumpkin butter? If you enjoy peanut butter and almond butter, you might also want to make pumpkin butter. You can definitely make this from pumpkin seeds, but an easier option is to make it from the actual canned pumpkin or pumpkin puree. It’s super tasty to add to muffins, scones, biscuits or even your morning toast.

This is one of my favorite healthy pumpkin recipes:


1 15 oz. can pumpkin puree (or 2 cups)
½ cup honey or pure maple syrup
1 cup apple cider (juice is fine but not as flavorful)
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice


Heat it over the stove to combine ingredients and set aside until it has thickened. Make sure you store it in the refrigerator to keep the pumpkin butter fresh.


Overnight Oats with Pumpkin

Another healthy way to use canned pumpkin is overnight oats. They are quickly becoming the healthy breakfast go-to for many people. It is not just that oatmeal made in this manner is delicious, but it is convenient as your breakfast is ready by the time you wake up in the morning. If you use mason jars with lids, it is also easy to bring with you to work or school.

Here is my go-to overnight oats recipe with pumpkin (and some varieties).

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Overnight Oats


½ c. oats
½ tsp. Pumpkin pie spice
2 Tbsp chocolate chips (my favs are dark or semi-sweet)
¼ cup pumpkin
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ Tbsp pure maple syrup
½ cup milk


Mix it all together and let it sit overnight. I usually make several days worth at a time. I lay out my mason jars in a row and just add each ingredient, assembly line style.


Pumpkin Pecan – use 2 Tbsp chopped pecans instead of the chocolate chips
Pumpkin Butter – use some of the pumpkin butter from above instead of pumpkin puree
Pumpkin & Nut Butter – replace chocolate chips with a nut butter of your choice.
Pumpkin & Fruit – some fruits pair nicely with pumpkin, you could add chopped pears, apples, cranberries, blackberries, etc.

These are just some options, but get creative and make your own pumpkin overnight oats recipe.


A Few Additional Ways to Use Canned Pumpkin

This is just scratching the surface of healthy ways to use canned pumpkin. There are so many healthy canned pumpkin recipes and variations you can do with leftover pumpkin puree even.

You can easily use pumpkin in any of your current baking recipes (like cookies or muffins) to add in extra nutrients & moisture without increasing your fat or calories too much.

You can add a little pumpkin puree to a soup or chili or even have a warm bowl of pumpkin soup on a chilly evening.

Pumpkin Pie Dip

Pumpkin Risotto

As you start incorporating more pumpkin into your fall recipes and learning about their health benefits you’ll get more comfortable adding this delicious fruit


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Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake
Pumpkin Soup in a white bowl
Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats in mason jars so you can see the layers
Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats all mixed up with a sprinkling of chocolate chips and pecans on top
Pumpkin Butter