School has been in full effect here for about a month now. I think I might be getting close to a new routine, hopefully šŸ˜€ . So I wanted to share with you how I make healthy school lunches for my kiddos.

Price Baby #5, Born July 21st

First let me say, this year was a little harder for me than past years with the addition of our new family member (pictured to the right). I was sad when the kids had to go back to school and their new brother certainly misses all of their love and attention!

If you are as busy as we are thinking about school lunches is almost an afterthought because you aren’t used to it yet.

Are you sending them off to school with all of the easy, processed foods? Just grab a bag of this or a container of that and run our the door?

With a little bit of planning, you can have just as easy of a healthy school lunch as you can the alternative.

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What goes into healthy school lunches?

I always try to offer a fruit & a veg along with the main dish that has a whole grain or healthy carb + protein.

Whole grains provide a steady source of energy and fuels their brains.

  • It can be as simple as changing from white bread to whole grain bread. If they are resistant to that change try making their sandwiches with one piece of whole grain bread and the other your typical white bread. Once they get used to that switch to all whole grain. They will then become more open to whole grain crackers, tortillas, pasta, etc.
  • Read here for some tips on whole grains.

Protein helpsĀ stabilize their blood sugar Ā & stimulates brain activity.

  • You can vary your protein with tuna, natural peanut butter, beans, nuts, nitrate free lunch meat & even leftovers. You’d be surprised most kids don’tĀ mind cold leftovers from the night before. Or buy a good thermos and it will keep soups and similar things hot for hours.

Fruits and vegetables provide different health benefits thatĀ keep you healthy and regular.

  • This might take the most patience and perseverance. It might take a while for your kids to get on board with fruits and veggies but don’t give up! Keep putting the fruit and veggies in there and try these tips.
    • Give them a dip, like hummus
    • Let them plant their own veggies, they are more likely to want them if they grew them
    • Have them pick which ones they want
    • Rotate through different easy fruits & veggies, so they don’t get bored
    • Try adding a new one they’ve never tried before each week

Let them help

Try some of these recipesĀ to add to your healthy school lunches.

These make great tips for our lunches too, so definitely not just for kids! Most of all, make it easy for you and your kids to enjoy as healthy of a lunch as possible.

What do you do to ensure you or your kids have a healthy lunch?


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What you need to make a healthy school lunch.




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