It is no secret in my family, I love a good bowl of healthy oatmeal. A few months ago I decided to give the savory oatmeal trend a try. Oh my goodness! It. Is. So. Yummy! I don’t know why I waited so long to try it.

Honestly, at first it sounded weird and I wasn’t sure about it. Then one night the dreaded question came … “What’s for dinner?” Normally I am pretty good at meal planning and prepping but since the birth of my youngest, it hasn’t been as big of a priority as it probably should be. So it was dinner time and I had nothing but a fresh batch of my favorite oatmeal from the morning. I decided it was time to experiment so I made a savory, healthy oatmeal. I just want to say to you, especially if you like oatmeal, don’t wait any longer! Try this oatmeal!

Simple & Savory Healthy Oatmeal



This last time I made it was actually pretty simple since I had the oatmeal already cooked and leftover sweet potatoes. I put part of the already cooked oatmeal in a pot and warmed it up over med-low and warmed the sweet potatoes in a skillet. To start from scratch follow the links above for the recipes or make your own favorite oatmeal and roast any veg you like best.

Saute shallots over medium heat until soft and slightly browned, add garlic and cook for 30 – 60 seconds. Add kale* and saute until wilted. Add the desired amount of oatmeal and sweet potatoes, mix well and set aside on low to keep warm. Fry eggs, I like mine over easy or over medium so the egg yolk runs into the oats to give them a little more moisture. Then you just assemble your bowl. I put my oatmeal mixture down first, topped with fried egg, sprouts and avocado. Devour immediately. 😉

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If you don’t like your eggs runny and find this too dry I think a simple mustardy vinaigrette would compliment the oats. You could try the dressing used in this Sweet Pear & Cabbage Salad. You might want a little less sweetener in it, I’m not sure.

*Read this recipe for Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup to get an easy tip on how to prepare your kale.

This recipe has actually become one of my go-to’s now. It is very easily adaptable. I have had it with several different roasted veggies and have liked them all, although the sweet potatoes are my favorite.

I hope you enjoy!

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A bowl of a savory healthy oatmeal with a fried egg , avocado & sprouts on top



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