Healthy eating isn’t always as easy as going the pre-packaged food route. I have some healthy eating tricks and tips or hacks, whatever you want to call them. Eating healthy is well worth the effort you put into it. Plus you can simplify the time it takes to make meals by being prepared.

Tricks and shortcuts are what keep me on top of healthy eating habits. Being able to cut time out of a long task is essential to get everything done on the never-ending to-do list. Not gonna lie, eating healthier does require a little more work and effort.

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Being prepared is the biggest tip that you can get. When you’re not prepared you’ll stop at the grocery store or a fast food restaurant on the way home and pick up something quick and easy. Most likely this will NOT coincide with your healthy eating goals.

So how do you avoid doing this? Take the time to prepare.

Here are 6 Healthy Eating Tricks that will make eating healthier a little easier

Create a weekly menu

The first healthy eating tip would be – you need to create a menu for your week ahead. Don’t forget the entire day’s worth of food. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks.

When you switch to a healthier diet instead of eating three large meals, you’ll eat five or six smaller ones throughout the day. If you don’t plan for all of your meals you will be stuck with nothing healthy prepared.

Do NOT make this menu complicated. You are busy, make it simple and quick to prep or put together.

Always make time to prep your food weekly

This is an essential healthy eating hack for me! Being prepared for the week ahead will save you time during the week and most importantly help you stay on track and stop you from worrying about “what’s for dinner.”

Your schedule during the week fills up fast and I know it can be extremely busy. Make sure to take time to prep for the week ahead. How do you do this?

You’ll need to cut fruits and veggies for snacks and pre-cook and package meals ahead of time. While this might seem like it takes a huge commitment of time – it takes less than you think. It certainly takes less time doing it all at once (batching it together) than it does to do the work for each meal one at a time at the time of the meal.

If a weekday, while the kids are at school, works better for you, by all means, do that. Find a day and time that works for you on a consistent enough basis and stick to it.

The time you invest doing this will actually free up quite a bit of time during the week. How much on average do you spend cooking meals, getting your lunch ready and preparing snacks for yourself and your family? You’ll cut that time significantly if you already have most of it prepared.

Just remember … prepare, prepare & prepare … and you’ll be covered.

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Keep Fruit & Vegetables Where You Can See Them

One way to stay on track when you’re living a healthier lifestyle is to make sure that all fruits and vegetables are where you can see them & they are easily accessible.

Lots of fruits can even be left on the counter. Find a large serving bowl that you can keep on the counter. I like this wooden one or something like this bright serving bowl.

If it is a fruit or veggie that needs to be prepared or chilled I recommend a handy organizer bin like this 6 piece set. I love mine, it helps me keep my fridge so much better organized and everybody knows where the fruits and veggies are because they are in one spot.

Find Kitchen Gadgets and Tools To Make the Job Easier

You can find all sorts of kitchen gadgets and tools. Thinks like slow cookers and pressure cookers have been a real game changer for me. Spiralizers and food processors are always fun and can cut down on prep time also.

Figure out what you’ll need to make the best use of your time and money. Kitchen gadgets like these almost always go on sale around the holidays but you don’t have to buy them new either. Second-hand stores & garage sales are a great place to find these at a greatly reduced price.

Also, you might be able to borrow from a friend or family member to see if you would, in fact, use it or if it would be helpful before you invest in it.

Have the Kids Help and Make Recipe Decisions

When prep time comes around you can always have your kids help. Depending on their age they can wash the vegetables and fruits, help cut up the snack items or help cook the meat for the week ahead.

Not only is it helpful to you but it is teaching them valuable lessons in the kitchen.

Try setting up an assembly line and have your kids and hubby all get involved. Have someone washing, someone peeling, someone cutting, someone else can be putting the food in baggies or containers for the fridge.

If you have a large enough family they could be doing that while you are prepping dinners and pre-cooking meat or rice, etc.

Another great trick is to have them pick a few recipes they will enjoy. This works really well for younger kids that might have issues changing the way they eat. When children help and participate in the decision making or cooking process they are more likely to try the food.

Carry Healthy Snacks and A Water Bottle Everywhere

Not only do you have to prepare during the week, but also be prepared when you leave the house. Make sure you have snacks with you at all times. You never know when you or one of your kids will get hungry. (and NOBODY likes a hangry kid!) 😉

Chances are good that if you have to stop at a store because you or they are starving you probably aren’t going to pick out the healthiest choices.

Also, bring your water bottle with you wherever you go. That way you’ll stay hydrated and won’t be as tempted to get a soda if you get thirsty when out and about. If you are one that has to have ice cold water to enjoy it. I recommend thinking about an insulated bottle. I really like the Simple Modern brand.

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

These six healthy eating tricks are vital in order to maintain healthy eating habits during the week. You’re less likely to stop for take-out if everything is already prepared at home or easy to quickly throw together.

Nobody likes to spend an hour in the kitchen at night if they’ve already spent hours working. Be prepared for an easy dinner at night.

Having these hacks up your sleeve as a mom is essential. If you can consistently work on these six healthy eating tricks and incorporate them into your daily life this whole healthier eating process will get easier. You will get there I promise.

One step at a time.

One habit at a time.

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