In my post the other week I mentioned the impact on involving the family in meal planning, prep, and cooking and I firmly stand behind that.  You can check out the article here.

When we choose dinner recipes as a family my kids and husband are much more likely to enjoy the food.  Plus when they help me make it they seem to appreciate it 10 times more than they would have!

When I first started switching my family over to healthier meals and started getting them more involved in the whole process I gave them choices to make it easier for them and me.  For example; instead of saying, “What should we eat this week?” I would say “We can make these Zucchini Taco Boats or the Spicy Orange Salmon on Monday, what would you prefer?” And then I would give them different choices for each day of the week, planning some leftover nights as well.


Summer Price Kale Muffins

My oldest daughter helping me make our favorite Kale Muffins


This process worked out so much better for us because the first time I just gave them a blanket “What do you want for dinner?” every option that was presented to me was not a healthy choice.  It wasn’t a habit yet for them to think of healthy dinners so I had to guide them a little.

Now when I ask them for their input it is almost always healthy choices and so on those few occasions when they want something a little more indulgent I don’t mind as much.

Also, as I have gotten more comfortable & have learned more about healthy cooking I have been able to “healthify” some of their favorite unhealthy recipes.  For example, this Tater-Tot Casserole.  Although I didn’t technically make up this recipe I have learned how to do similar things.

I have no doubt that as you transition and learn and as you grow you will gain the same abilities.  Together we are capable of anything!

Wishing you a fun family dinner!