I love any holiday when you are surrounded by family and those you love! This holiday in particular, however, can wreak havoc on our digestion.

I believe in balance and I eat well 80 – 90% of the time so that I can enjoy things like Thanksgiving and not feel guilty about it.  Because I want you to enjoy your day with those you love and not stress about what you can & can’t eat we are going to focus on your digestion for this big day.

What happens with our digestion?

When we eat foods such as bread, meat & vegetables they are not in a form that the body can use as nourishment.  Without going into all the specifics and each step I will just tell you that food and drink must be changed into smaller nutrient molecules before they can be absorbed and carried to cells throughout the body.

You eat food to ultimately nourish the cells in your body.  If your body cannot digest or absorb the food for any number of reasons it can lead to migraines, depression, fatigue, foggy brain, and more. Sound familiar, Thanksgiving coma here we come, right? We eat so much food on Thanksgiving it is hard for our bodies to keep up.

Raw foods have an abundance of enzymes that help support our digestion.  Unfortunately, when we cook our food, the enzymes are destroyed. Leaving us to rely on our bodies alone to make the enzymes. And let’s be honest the raw veggie platter doesn’t get much attention on Thanksgiving. I take Digestive Enzymes which supplies the supplemental enzymes our bodies need. This helps to break down the cellulose (from fruits & veggies), fats, proteins, carbohydrates & starches that we eat.  Especially at meals like Thanksgiving dinner!

I have a good friend and nutritionist who instead of saying ‘you are what you eat’ likes to say “you are what you digest.” – Jessica Wyman

We want to be able to digest and absorb all of those macronutrients so that our bodies can function properly.  If you need info on how to get a good quality Digestive Enzymes please reach out to me here.

Wishing you good eats and good digestion this Thanksgiving!! 😀



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