Have you ever participated in a fitness challenge?


Have you ever thought about doing a fitness challenge with your kids?


Summertime is the perfect time to run a fitness challenge! If your kids are anything like mine summertime can be challenging because they have so much extra time on their hands.

They are used to a very set routine and set times to move each day at school. It can be difficult to find a good routine in the summer because there is a lot less structure.


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If your kids are less than motivated by this maybe they would enjoy some healthy competition between siblings or against parents, giving you the motivation to move a little more too. See who improves the most each month of summer break.

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Here are some good tips and guidelines to running your own fitness challenge.

Fitness Challenge Guidelines

  1. Get a tracker, either make your own, download this free challenge tracker or buy one like this logbook.

2. If you have a personal training app use it to help you track your goals and fitness, let your kids borrow or find some free apps the kids can use. There are some free suggestions on my post Personal Training Apps: How to Use Them with Your Weight Loss Plans

3. Get a baseline measurement of what you and/or your kids are capable of doing for each exercise or activity you want to track.

4. Set yourself a reminder on your calendar or phone to do your daily fitness activities with the kids.

5. Decide how often you are going to recalculate your progress. I would recommend monthly so you have time to improve but not so long that you lose interest.

6. Make it fun by thinking up prizes for each check in and maybe for an overall grand prize winner at the end of the summer. I would urge you do pick non-food related rewards like the following:

  • Something from the dollar store
  • Date night with mom and/or dad
  • Day off from chores
  • Trip to their favorite park
  • Trip to the zoo or other inexpensive nature/amusement type of place

7. Choose the fitness activities for kids. You can choose as many or as few exercises as you want, make it collaborative and have them help choose what to do. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hop on one food for as long as you can, then switch feet.
  • jumping jacks
  • sit-ups
  • push-ups
  • How long can you hold a plank
  • wall-sit
  • squats
  • running (either how far can you run before you need to walk or time it takes to run a set distance)
  • riding a bike or rollerblading (time or distance)
  • how long can you hula hoop or jump rope
  • how long can you hold a specific yoga pose
  • arm hold –  holding your arms out for as long as you can

What’s Next?

The goal would, of course, be that within a month you can do more reps or do the activity longer or faster.

Celebrate even small improvements and make it fun for you and the kids so that you both want to continue the fitness challenge.

If after the first month you no longer want to do the fitness activities you’ve chosen change it up choose another set of activities for the next month. Add however much variety you need to keep it interesting and fun.

Download this FREE Challenge Tracker, it has two spreadsheets, one with some pre-filled exercises and a blank form so that you can add your own exercises. Or buy a fitness tracker like this logbook.

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Summertime Fitness Challenge, Fun Activities for Kids like Rollerblading

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