I recently watched the documentary “Fed-Up” and let me tell you how heart-wrenching and mind blowing this documentary was for me!

I was quite literally brought to tears (self-confessed ball baby here) watching these obese teenagers struggling to loose weight.  Making choices that they thought were the right choices because that is what they were taught, unfortunately, they were seriously misinformed.  They were eating what they thought were healthy foods because it said “low-fat” or “diet” but what they were really eating was a bunch of junk food.  They were doing their best to eat less and move more but couldn’t figure out why they weren’t losing any weight.


They desperately wanted to get out of the situation they were in but not having the proper knowledge or skills to get out.  They have been mislead by the big food corporations and by the “health claims” that are made on the food packaging.

For example, the food lobby got congress to permit them to label foods as having zero trans fats if it has less than 2g per serving of trans fats.  Let me repeat that.  The food has trans fats in it but they can say that it has no trans fats, nada, zilch, zero.  Even if it is mostly trans fats they can say that.  All they have to do is lower the “serving size” and make it small enough that it has less than 2g of trans fats per serving and now they can say it doesn’t have any trans fats.  They now can legally lie to us about what is in our foods.

What you think is healthy isn’t.  Take flavored yogurt as an example.  Most people think it is a healthy food but did you know most yogurts have as much sugar in them as 2.5 doughnuts! Did you know there is more sugar in fruit juice then there is in soda?  The list goes on.

The government and food industry want us to believe that it is entirely 100% our fault that we are fat and sick.  “If you just ate less and moved more all of your problems would be solved.”  Like they say it is all about calories in and calories out, right?  Wrong. Sugar calories act differently in our bodies then other calories do.  Sugar calories drive different hormonal queues and different nero-transmitter queues and that creates a different biological process that drives obesity and belly fat stores.  Making you unable to control your appetite.  Sugar addiction is real and it drives overeating.

We continue to eat junk and sugar even though we know it isn’t good for us, even though we want to stop.  Not to get back on my soap box but here I go.  All of those “healthy” fat-free, low-fat options that people are buying contain high quantities of sugar to compensate for lack of flavor and fat.  Not only that but the food companies are hiding sugar in their labeling so that you don’t know about it.  Did you know there are over 257 names for sugar!

The FDA recommends that we have no more then 6-9 tsp. of sugar a day.  When you look at your labels I want you to know that 4g of sugar is equal to 1 tsp of sugar.

This post went in a completely different direction then I had planned, I apologize for the ranting!  I want you to know that that not all calories are created equal and that it is not all about will power.  You are NOT a failure for trying your best and not getting results.

Before I started on my journey to being healthier before I knew what was what I believed the same as the people in the movie.  I just needed to move more and eat less.  I thought I was making healthy choices and now I know I wasn’t.  Our bodies need real, nourishing, whole foods.

I hated watching those poor kids suffer!  Please don’t suffer with them.  I highly recommend giving this movie a try, it is out on DVD now.  So many of us think we are making the right food choices when we really aren’t.  It can be so confusing knowing what to do!  This puts a lot of light on why things are so confusing and what we can do about it.  How we can educate ourselves and make those good choices that we want to make.

If you need some support or guidance, please let me help you in any way I can.  If sugar is a problem for you it might be time to say enough is enough.  Join my 10-day sugar detox or reach out to me and let me know how else I can help you.


Wishing you a Wildly Vibrant Life


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