Working on family fitness can be such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your family and have FUN! It will bring your family closer, I can guarantee it.

When we get fit or active with our families it is a win-win.

We get to spend time with each other – win, we get fit together – win!

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We have all heard it is easier to exercise with a buddy and it’s true. You couldn’t ask for a better build it buddy system either. I personally think when we add family fitness as part of our family time it makes “exercising” so much more fun. If you do it right you won’t even realize you are exercising.

Usually, when you talk about working out or going to the gym it isn’t with a lot of enthusiasm. The trick is to find a way to move that is fun and easily fits into your daily life. If you are like me finding time to go to the gym is just about impossible! So I have put together a list of fun ideas you can do with your family.

Family Fitness in the spring/summer time

  • Have your kids teach you games they play at recess. I can guarantee you most elementary aged kids are running around doing some active made up game during recess. How fun to get to play that game with them. Their imaginations are AMAZING!
  • Maybe you have some games you remember from your childhood that you could teach them.
  • Play kickball. If your yard isn’t big enough try finding a nearby park or some neighborhoods have a large grassy area for the community that you could play in. (I went to Amazon to find an inexpensive kickball for you and found the one linked here. Apparently, there is a game called gagaball that sounds interesting … you could try that game too)
  • Play a game of basketball one on one or two on two, etc. depending on the size of your family. Maybe everybody against dad.
  • Go on a hike or maybe you have a geocache near you. You could go on a treasure hunt somewhere safe. You can find out more about that at or
  • Create an obstacle course outside with the kids or have them create one. Challenge them to a race to see who can finish the course the fastest.
  • Go on a family bike ride.
  • Learn a new hobby/sport like tennis, rollerblading or paddleboarding.

Family Fitness in the fall/winter time

  • Find a local inexpensive climbing wall and give it a try. It can be addictive and competitive if that is what gets yours or your kids’ juices flowing.
  • Go to a nearby roller skating rink. I have found these to be fairly inexpensive and you can often get memberships at a discount or check Groupon for deals in your area. Rollerskating/rollerblading is amazingly good exercise and works just about every muscle in your body. Plus it is a lot of fun. Everybody will be wobbly at first but you will learn together and soon you’ll be off to the races πŸ˜‰
  • If you have the money skiing or snowboarding is also a great activity! Your body will be filling it the next day and you will have had so much fun you didn’t even realize it was work.
  • Snowshoeing is also sooo much fun and relatively inexpensive.
  • Go window shopping at the mall and just walk around.
  • Build an obstacle course inside move furniture around that you have to go over or around, etc.
  • Have a dance party.
  • Find out what indoor activities your kids are doing in P.E. and see if you can make it work in your house. You might have to move the kitchen table into a different room for a bit to make room but that is okay.

Remember not only are you getting fit and having fun together as a family but you are making memories. Be patient with the kids and have fun. Don’t be afraid to make a mess or get dirty. Some things will work for you and some won’t. Experiment and find things that are fun for you and the family that are active.

Before long you will be one of those fit families who is always doing something active. You will look around and wonder how you got to be so lucky :D! You are lucky because you have a great family and you are a wonderful mother who loves your kids and decided to make a small change that grew into a wonderful lifestyle.

Have faith and believe in yourself.

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