The diet industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Just go to any bookstore and check out how many books there are in the diet and weight loss area or even social media. Have you ever thought that eating to lose weight might work instead?Summer Price Day 1

If diets truly worked, we’d all be fit, happy, and at our ideal weight, as there is no shortage of diets! What if it wasn’t so hard? What if it was as simple as good old fashioned nutrition advice?

Eating to Lose Weight

Diets work at first because they focus on making a change and you’re excited about the potential they hold.

Diets, by their very nature, are doomed to fail. That’s because when we “go on” a diet, we also plan to “come off” that diet one day.  We assume that once we reach our ideal weight, we’ll be able to go back to how we were eating before – which didn’t work in the first place! 

Guess what, you won’t be perfect every day, you should be expected to be perfect every day and who wants to live with that kind of pressure!

Diets are nothing more than a quick fix solution to a long-term challenge.  So the key is to look at eating, health and wellness as a lifestyle, not a short-term fix.

Find support and acceptance of knowing and loving who you are & knowing you won’t be perfect every single day.

Action Step # 1 – Promise yourself that you won’t “diet” again. Focus on health as a lifestlye and incorporate wellness into your daily life.


Questions to Inspire Action:

  1. Are you eating in a way that promotes your health, gives you energy and keeps you ate your ideal weight?
  2. How many diets have you tried, and how many of them have worked over the long haul?
  3. Are you conscious of enjoying your food, and not depriving yourself?

Summer Price Day 1 Recipe