Summer Price Day 5


I teach all of my clients the triad of health —

  1. proper supplementation,
  2. low glycemic eating
  3. exercise.

When you’re not doing all three (or you let one slip over time), your health and immune system suffer.
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Taking a



is the SINGLE


you can do to

improve your

health today

(and for the future).

A high-quality multi-vitamin feeds your cells the micronutrients they need (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) to keep your heart pumping, renew your skin, build your muscles, and maintain a healthy digestive system.

A pure fish oil supplement feeds your brain, your hair and your skin; it also makes it easier for your cells to take in the vitamins and minerals they need and release the toxins they don’t need. When you take care of your cells, your cells will take beautiful care of your body.

Action Step #5
Do your research and take the best supplements you can find. (Hint: Don’t buy your vitamins at the same place where you can buy tires.)

Never sell your health to the lowest bidder. You can buy Vitamin C on the commodities market for $40 a bushel or $400 a bushel. Guess where the cheaper multi-vitamin companies get their ingredients?

The little extra money you’ll spend on high-quality supplements is nothing compared to the health care costs you’ll incur for not taking care of your body… and you get the added benefit of increased energy, better skin, and stronger immune health today. Stop running on a nutrient deficiency and start feeling and looking great.

Click here to learn about the honest truth about supplements. It’s a super quick clip from a documentary.


Questions to Inspire Action

  • Do you take a high-quality multivitamin twice a day, every day, religiously?
  • Do you know that it’s best for your body to take your vitamins twice a day for best absorption?
  • Do you know how to choose a high-quality multivitamin? (If not, let me know and I can recommend something for you.)
  • Do you believe without a doubt that a high-quality multivitamin and fish oil can support your health, energy, immune system, health, skin, hair & anti-aging?

Summer Price Day 5 Recipe


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