Clearing clutter to avoid chaos is great advice but how exactly do we clear clutter from our lives?Summer Price Day 4


When you are a busy on-the-go woman it’s easy for a lot of little clutter areas to turn into full alarm disasters.


The good news is that there is a way out and ways to stay ahead of the clutter traps that make life feel chaotic.


Not only does clutter create chaos, but often times it creates a situation where you feel like you don’t have time for many other things that will nourish your soul making you feel even more stressed out.

Kicking chaos to the curb does not mean creating a big project. In fact, it can be accomplished in a few small actionable steps.

Clearing Clutter

Literally in just minutes a day. If you want to address the issue faster, you might commit to a full day of organizing and then the rest is just maintenance, but it can be easier than that.

Action Step #4
Identify the main clutter areas in your life. Create spaces to address the mess and avoid it happening again. Then commit to spending 1 minute clearing up that space each time you are near it. Eventually it will be organized. 

Start by identifying your clutter traps. Everyone has a handful of places where they carelessly drop their stuff, or maybe it’s with good intentions to deal with later. Instead, set aside space for the things that most commonly cause the chaos.

Time-saving tip: It might not be high design style, but it pays to have a hook by the front door to hang your jacket, purse and keys. It’s easy, accessible and think of all the time you’ll save looking for your keys or purse.

Mail and paper clutter: Immediately address your mail instead of piling it somewhere for later. Don’t bother with the junk mail, put it straight in the recycle. Put all the bills to be paid in ONE PLACE and do that task at scheduled times each month so that you’re not spending time over and over each month dealing with it. Same with receipts and other paperwork that needs to be kept. Have one spot for it. Deal with it once a month. Start by identifying a space today.

Start addressing the currently chaotic zones today. Each time you are near a cluttered area, spend 1 minute clearing clutter … ie. cleaning up and organizing that space. Set a time if you need to. If you do this every time, you’ll be surprised at how fast it’s clear and how much more energy you’ll have from not feeling bogged down by the mess.

Questions to Inspire Action

  1. How can you streamline those spaces and processes?
  2. What spaces in your life are cluttered?
  3. How much time will you save each day by not looking for missing items?
  4. Can you commit to 5 minutes a day to straighten up trouble spots?
  5. How much more energy will you have by eliminating the mess stress?
  6. How can you spend your new free time?

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