How do we find fun exercises?

Remember when you climbed trees, jumped rope, and ran for miles just because it was fun? Back then, it was how we played; now we call it exercise, and the fun is gone.Summer Price Day 3

We all know that exercise is important to our health. It helps us manage stress, keeps us feeling and looking younger, improves our ability to recover from illness, and even releases “happy hormones” that can keep us from relying on food to feel good. The problem is that exercise can feel like work.

Fun Exercises

If you aren’t having fun or are not enjoying yourself that simply means you haven’t found the right exercise yet.

Action Step #3

Find something active you love to do, and do it often!


If you hate running, for goodness sake don’t run! Find something you love doing. For me, it’s hiking, rollerblading, backpacking, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Even just briskly walking outside for 30 minutes after dinner can positively affect your overall health & wellbeing.

You might have to figure out what you love by trial and error, try something you loved as a child, try yoga, tennis, dancing, hula hooping. Get your creative juices flowing and start moving.


In addition, mix it up!

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Try to find multiple things you enjoy doing so you don’t get stuck in a rut and get bored … making it not fun again.

Don’t be afraid of weight or resistance training either. You need it to maintain bone density and increase metabolism as you get older. You can get a personal trainer to show you the ropes or take a weight lifting fitness class at your gym.


Questions to Inspire Action:

  1. Do you schedule your exercise in your day planner each week and make it non-negotiable?
  2. Do you spend time outside moving your body and connecting with nature?
  3. Do you have a work-out buddy to help keep you accountable?
  4. Do you have a coach or program that can help you with all of the above?

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