So the Olympics are over. Are you happy to be back to the “normal programming schedule” or are you sad they are over?

If you are glad the Olympics are over and ready to move on I would just encourage you to keep some of the motivation with you to get a little healthier. I thought I would share with you one of my favorite and simple snacks that I recently found out is also alpine skier Lindsey Vonn’s go to snack before her workouts (she happens to be a gold medalist from the 2010 Olympics).

Berry Parfait.ashx

It is just a simple yogurt parfait but it is filling and healthy. I like to eat well-balanced snacks and meals and this covers it.

I use plain Greek yogurt because of the extra protein. I would like to say though be careful of what kind of Greek yogurt you purchase because they are not all created equal! Read the labels and look at the ingredients list. If you are getting true plain Greek yogurt it should only have 2 ingredients: Cultured Pasteurized milk and Active Cultures. If you cannot handle the plain yogurt and need a flavored yogurt try to choose the one with the least amount of sugar.

I do add a little sweetener to my plain yogurt because┬álet’s be honest, it is a little tart! I prefer to do it that way because I can control the amount of sweetener and the type I use at home instead of having the high fructose corn syrup added in the processing. Depending on my mood or what I have available I use honey or a liquid Stevia. I am sure Agave Nectar would be good also.

I top it with berries which provide unprocessed carbs and fiber that are important and good for you. I typically use frozen because they are cheaper, they don’t mold if I don’t get to them all in time, they taste just as good, and give you the same health benefits.

I also top it with a little crunch, my go to is raw chopped up almonds because they add healthy, energizing omega-3 fats.

I hope you enjoy this healthy snack as much as I do!

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