One might not think of adding a high-quality vitamin D supplement to increase your immune system but I would recommend it just as much as adding vitamin C.

Vitamin D promotes a healthy, balanced immune system through its key role in regulation and differentiation of immune system cells, and it supports cardiovascular health and normal functioning of the nervous system.*

Studies have shown that because our bodies stockvault-landscape-silhouette96676 copyuse sunlight to make vitamin D, people in North America can become extremely vitamin D deficient during the winter months. So it is doubly important that we are taking our supplements this time of year.

Plus, did you know that taking vitamin D also helps with seasonal affective disorder (seasonal depression or SAD)?  Which is a big deal in my part of the world.  Every winter an inversion settles in over the valley I live in, this is where smog gets trapped close to the ground and we live in a fog all winter, barely seeing the sun let alone any sunshine.

When the world around you is gray it is hard not to be a little down.  I will be doubling up on my vitamin D this winter so I am looking forward to not being as affected by SAD this year. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health!

In addition, recent research has shown the following:

  • Healthy vitamin D levels are a key part of minimizing age-associated bone loss.
  • Vitamin D may play a role in keeping our lungs healthy, with higher concentrations of vitamin D resulting in positive effects on lunch function and health.
  • Vitamin D has been shown to support cardiovascular health.*
  • Vitamin D deficiency can weaken the muscular and skeletal systems.

I like USANA Health Sciences vitamin D supplement that I take because it is enhanced with 3ug of vitamin K.  When you combine vitamin D with vitamin K it increases the absorption of calcium from the smVitamin Dall intestines so the body receives maximum benefit.  While vitamin K helps make sure calcium builds up in the bones and not in the soft tissue.

Every cell in your body needs vitamin D to function properly.

I highly recommend that you take a high-quality vitamin supplement, formulated with 2,000 IU of maximum-strength vitamin D to ensure you get the nutrients you need through the entire year.

Contact me here if you would like further information on the supplements I take.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product or recommendation is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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