Let me introduce myself. My name is Summer, I am a work at home mom to 5 beautiful children! Which is as chaotic as it may sound ūüėČ . I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle after my 4th child was born.


I have a passion for helping other busy moms learn how to improve their health, as well as their families, one small step at a time.


Like so many other moms I had a habit of putting my kids and husband’s needs ahead of my own. Then one day I realized because I was putting their needs ahead of my own I had become 60 – 70 lbs. overweight and I didn’t really have the energy anymore to be present in their lives like I wanted to be.

So, not only was I not able to take care of their needs I was not taking care of me.


It was time to put myself and my needs first so that I could better serve my family. It took some time but I learned how to be a healthier & ultimately happier version of myself.


It is my mission here to help you achieve the freedom that a healthy lifestyle can bring!

You are in the right place if my story resonates with you. You can expect to find the following on my blog:


Tips on how to make eating healthy easier & cost effective

Tips for the non-gym goer to sneak fitness and activity into their lives

How to get you family on board with this new lifestyle

Plenty of simple & easy, yummy healthy recipes

Inspiration & Motivation

How to find balance


None of us are perfect and I think we put too much pressure on ourselves. I want you to give yourself some grace, love yourself, keep trying & just do the best you can.


I don’t believe in completely overhauling your entire life overnight.


This blog will help you learn how to make small changes, one at a time. Eliminating the overwhelm of trying to do it all and expecting perfection in one day.


My goal is to help you learn to love yourself and truly take care of you and your family.


This will help you not give up when life gets in the way and you are struggling. When your kind neighbor brings over some ooey¬†gooey sweet treat you just have to have. Don’t feel guilty about it, enjoy it.

Life is about balance and together you can find what works for you.


Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Ain’t no busy mom got time for that! Added bonus these are all kid tested & approved recipes.



Life as a mom can be busy and chaotic. You are pulled in every direction at once. You don’t need to add to the overwhelm. These tips will help you live a well-balanced, healthier lifestyle.



Sometimes getting the kids on board with a change in diet and lifestyle can be challenging, to say the least. Here you will find tips to make it better & how to make it fun. It won’t be long and they will be begging for more.






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5-Day Meal Plan & Workout

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