Do you want to lose weight and don’t really know where to start?

Did you know the battle is often won or lost before you even begin?

Our minds are very powerful tools and you need to have more than just a desire to get healthy. You have to believe you can for true change to take place.

We often tell ourselves that losing weight is urgent and we need to start yesterday. I, however, think it is best to pause and prepare.

Preparing yourself is just as important as the actions you take during weight loss. I’m going to give you tips on how to prepare your mind, body, pantry & your family!

7 Steps to Lose Weight Successfully

Use past failures as learning tools

We think failure is a bad thing but it isn’t really. Make a list of what has worked for you & didn’t work for you in the past. Get rid of what didn’t work before.

You don’t need approval from anyone but yourself

We are often concerned about what others will think when we attempt this for the 20th time. Remind yourself that the only person you need approval from is you! Negative self-talk does NOT set you up for success. The 1st step of getting control of this TERRIBLE habit is to become aware of every time you call yourself stupid, worthless, a failure, etc.

  • A good way to become aware & change is to wear a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you say something negative about yourself or have an unfavorable thought snap the band on your wrist.
  • If you are already aware of your self-defeating comments every time you find yourself doing it say out loud “cancel, cancel, cancel” and then say something positive about yourself. Whether it is “I’m funny,” “I am beautiful,” “I am _________ fill in the blank.” Or if you hear yourself saying something like “I’m never going to lose weight” replace it with “I deserve to have a healthy body” or “I’m capable of slimming down.” Instead of saying “I can’t have sugar” say “I choose not to have sugar.” Can you hear the difference? These slight changes can make a huge difference in our psyche.

Focus on what you are gaining not what you are losing

We often focus on what we have to give up ie. our favorite dessert, our go-to snack, not spending time watching our favorite show, etc. Instead, focus on the end or what you are gaining in the process. Better health, more energy, higher self-esteem, strength, the list can go on and on. Soon you won’t miss those things you are “losing” because you aren’t focusing on them anymore.

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Make a “why” list

Tip 3 will help you with this tip. Physically write down the reasons you want to lose weight, don’t just think about the why. It is important you write it down! Make your list be about physical things as well as emotional. In fact, you are more likely to succeed if your why is tied to an emotion. Write what you’ll do when you are healthier. It’s hard to “stick with it” if you don’t know the rewards, reasons or why you are going through this process. My number one why was I was tired of not having the energy to do things with my kids. I wanted to be present in their lives and be able to do things with them, not sit on the sidelines.

Keep a journal

Weight can be important but inches & abilities are where the real difference is seen. Before you begin, keep a log of your measurements ie. your chest, hips, thighs, waist, arms, anything you want to see an improvement in. Also measure things like how many pushups, situps, squats, etc. you can do in one minute. Or maybe how long it takes you to walk or run 1 mile. You get the drill.  When the scale isn’t moving and your feeling down retake your measurements and see the real progress you have made.

Clean out the pantry

Don’t look at this as a negative but a positive. You are making room for your health, for new possibilities. Get your family on board and make it a family affair. Get rid of any trigger foods and ask your family to do the same. If there are things your family just can’t go without put them in a separate drawer, somewhere that you won’t see them and think about them. Soon your family will forget about them too and they won’t be missed.

Plan a reward

This might seem premature but I want you to think about what you’ll do after you reach your goal so you don’t go back to old habits. Plan a reward with something non-food related.


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Tools To Help You Lose Weight

  1. Download my FREE Fitness Challenge Tracker
  2. Use a measurement tracker like this one or make your own.
  3. Colorful rubber bands 😉
  4. Journal

Don’t forget to believe in yourself, take control & expect success. Live as if you’ve already made it to your goal and you will be amazing!


It is important to remember to take this journey one step at a time. I know we all want to lose 20 pounds overnight but it just isn’t realistic or healthy. These tips will help set you up for success so that you can lose the weight and keep it off, which if you’re being honest is really what you want.


Remember to give yourself some grace as you learn this new lifestyle please reach out to me if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help.


Find an accountability partner, share this article with them and work on this goal together.


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