Making sure you carve out time for you is essential for your sanity. Making that time is often so not easy to do. Hopefully, these time saving tips will help you squeeze a little extra time in your day. Allowing you to have at least a minimum of 15 minutes for just you.

Last week was spring break for our family. It was nice to have the kids around and spend a little more time with them than usual. It was also really nice not to have to worry about getting kids picked up from two different sports, getting to 4 different music lessons, getting them to and from school, scouts etc. the list goes on really.

At the same time though it seemed like my day flew by so much faster. I got less accomplished than I normally would. I think it was because I was less aware of the time and it ruled my actions less than normal. Which left me forgetting about “me” time, which is very important. Just like kids need unscheduled quiet time to themselves we need that time too.

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A well-balanced, happy mom tends to be in a better position to raise well-balanced, happy children.


Here are a few time saving tips so you can carve more time out in your schedule to take care of you. A little time can go a long way! The last tip is more of a bonus non-cranky tip 😉 .

5 Time Saving Tips

1.Don’t do everything for your children. It is good for them to do chores and learn how to pick up after themselves. If they are walking they can put their toys away. Yes, in the beginning, it might take them longer then it would take you do it. In the long run, you will save yourself so much time, though!

2. Veggies don’t have to be peeled, in fact, there are tons of the nutrients and fiber in the peels that you are just throwing away. Plus it is way faster to wash a carrot, potato, apple etc. and eat it as is then it is to wash, peel, cut up, etc.

3. You want to provide healthy well thought out, composed meals with lots of veggies. Hint… you don’t have to do all of the work. Either A. get the kids involved and have them learn to prepare simple salads and dishes or B. you can buy precut veggies, prewashed and prepared salads, etc. Yes, they are a little more money. If it allows you to be a happier more content mom sometimes it is worth the price.

4. Slow-Cooker dishes like Crockpot Chicken cut down on preparation and clean-up or one-pot dishes like Veggie Chicken Brown Rice Casserole, Vegetarian Quinoa Chili, White Bean Chicken Chili or Healthy Tater Tot Casserole do the same. You can definitely make healthy, simple, quick recipes.

5. This one is key for me since we are running around a lot. I always keep healthy bars or snacks with me in my purse, in the car, in the kids’ backpacks, etc. Because now matter how old you are or how young you are if you are hungry you get cranky. When mom or the kids are cranky nobody is happy! Here is a great post on some healthy, portable, high protein snacks.


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And remember, You cannot pour from an empty cup so make sure you are taking care of yourself so you have something left to give.

I found a few journals that might be helpful for this:

  1. Little Book of Mindfulness – Gives you 5 – 10-minute exercises to help you let go of stress. It is not a bunch of reciting mantras either. It actually reminds me a lot of yoga without the poses.

2. One Day at A Time – Is more of a planner that helps you track what you are doing for you. Which I think can be helpful because it makes you more aware, kind of like a food journal. You can see did you really take time for you today or not.

3. A Joyful Life Through Self Care – This one helps you create a routine for your self-care. So you are always sure to get it into your day. I think this one will help you naturally with time saving tips, carving time for you.


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