For those of you who have completed my Wildly Nourished 12 Week Program, you know that I believe good health is so much more than just what food we put into our bodies.  It’s about the whole self – body, mind & spirit!

There is so much involved in nourishing our whole self, but today I thought I would give you three tips one each for your body, mind & spirit.


3 Tips to be Wildly Nourished



Don’t rush your meal. Take a minute and sit down. I always tell my family, “Take a breath in between each bite.” & “It is not a race!” When we are more mindful and when we are eating more consciously it is easier to listen to our bodies and what it needs. Plus you’ll digest your food better. If you want some more tips on digestion read here.


Don’t get me wrong, I love my technology & the advancements we have made but sometimes it can be a hindrance also. I would encourage you to make more personal connections. Look up from your phone and make an effort to make eye contact with more people or look up and take in your surroundings & be present wherever you are. Eye contact is most definitely a form of nourishment!


Meditation. There are so many different forms of meditation and I would encourage you to try some out and find what appeals to you the most. Meditation can be very relaxing and can change the way you deal with stress and tension. My form of meditation is through prayer.  I try to regularly pray to my Heavenly Father and to have a profound, personal communication with Him. This is when I express deep gratitude for my abundant blessings and also express any concerns or frustrations I might have and ask for guidance.


If you are interested in digging deeper and wanting to work on nourishing your whole-self you can learn more about what is offered in my 12 week program here.

Wishing you a Wildly Nourished Life!

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