5-Day Healthy Meal Plan & Workout

Life’s demanding but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Use my 5-day meal plan, with recipes & 5-minute workouts to help you start to look and feel great.

Hey there!  I’m Summer Price.

I love to help busy moms learn how to eat healthy on a budget and how to find the energy to do what they want to do.

After my 4th child, I came to realize that my weight was out of control and I had no energy to participate in activities with my kids. I knew something had to change.

Thus began my health journey. It took time, I didn’t want a “get fit quick” scheme. I slowly made changes to my diet and included physical activity into my day. I wanted this to be a lifetime change, something I could stick with in the long run.

Through my journey, I found a passion for helping others create a life full of health, passion & purpose.

I want to help YOU feel as amazing as I do.

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